5 comments on “Drive, Crash and Push

    • I did thank you. I am not sure at all why I would change it as it was perfect(ish) in the first place plus I did not mark or write done the measurements. After about 1-2 hours playing about on the turbo, I have never felt so good on my bike.

      • Good… The easiest way is obviously to mark the post (as you wrote), but to make sure you’re right, pedal in reverse with your heels on the center spindle of the pedals… Your legs should “bottom out” or be perfectly straight, without your hips rocking to reach. Raise or lower until you’re exactly at that point. Then when you pedal with the balls of your feet, your reach will be perfect. Test what you’ve got to on the turbo to make sure you’re right – though it sounds like it if you’re that pleased.

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