3 comments on “That Sinking Feeling

  1. It really helps to be in a club, or at least to have one or more close friends to do all the training with. I had been a swimmer all my life when I started triathlons (aged 40), and I’d done a dozen marathons. I was strong on the bike, but had no idea about technique, training methods, or maintenance and repairs. Getting a bike coach was a brilliant investment!

    • Thanks pete for your feedback. To be honest most of my friends who play sport are football/basketball players and/or gym rats. my work world is rather intense so endurance based sports is my getaway. you are right, if i am serious about my goals then sound/professional advice will be invaluable.

      One major thing i have to learn is training methods. I get good momentum going forward and then I break my body and have to start again.

  2. A triathlon coach or cycling coach is probably a good idea. I found triathlon to be a great sport, and a wonderful escape from my own very demanding job. I’d have done it a lot longer, except for a nasty injury I sustained body-surfing. Good luck. Festina lente!

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